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L&R Arrow - move / Up Arrow - jump

 by ArJune (Avery Aviv, Luna Wu, Jeffrey Jiang)

"As an average fox by day and a flying fox at night, ReMagi tests your skill by challenging you to solve puzzles in a fantasy world full of obstacles and mysteries. The goal is to meet with the magical wizard in his palace in order for the fox to gain its full powers to use during the day and not just the night. It currently consists of two levels to show the overall structure of the game--beginning with a daytime level with more difficult and longer puzzles, gaining pieces that lead you to the nighttime where the fox has its powers and you must collect different pieces to finally make it to the wizard’s palace. The game is very simple, and just uses the left and right arrow keys to move left and right, and the up arrow key to jump. When jumped on top of a yellow star, the fox jumps higher and other mysteries of the level are revealed as you lead the character to certain magical flowers. Whichever level you die on (by falling off the screen or killed by obstacle), will be the one that you restart on rather than starting from the very beginning. To restart the game entirely, simply press ‘r’ and you will begin at the title screen."


Remagi.exe 19 MB